Employee rewards and recognition

At Robert Half, we place a premium on talent and reward top performers accordingly. It's an approach that helps ensure we attract the best - and that there's a spirit of healthy competition

Industry leading remuneration package

Unlike many other recruitment companies, Robert Half has maintained its commitment to the industry's most competitive combination of base salary and bonus incentives. We offer a lucrative bonus structure that is designed to encourage individual performance and foster a team spirit. Our top professionals are viewed as star performers and are compensated accordingly. We place a premium on your talent.

Celebrating employees

Recognising and rewarding employee achievements is part of Robert Half’s culture. Our Reach for the Stars recognition event – a multi-day celebration with executive management at a five star locale – pays tribute to the contributions of outstanding recruiting professionals. Awards are divided into numerous categories including “Rookie of the Year” – which could be you!

Above: The 2011 Reach for the Stars winners (international qualifiers only) in Las Vegas, USA