Hackathons: a brave new world for technology

Once an informal practice by developers brainstorming new apps, the hackathon is now a mainstay in the information technology (IT) industry. Today, hackathons allow software developers to collaborate with designers, project managers and subject matter experts in intensive, high-energy sessions. What is the impact of hackathons on the IT industry?

8 ways to avoid a long recruitment process hurting you

Talented candidates are in high demand and short supply. They hold the advantage, and they don’t like to wait. Here are 8 ways ensure you don’t fall into the trap of a long recruitment process.

10 employee benefits you’ll wish your company had

What employee benefits would be top of your list? Whether you’re looking for perks that assist your professional development, keep you fit and healthy, make life easier or help you have some fun, we have 10 fun suggestions for you to consider.

Is becoming a “salaryman” a wise career choice?

Whilst the dedication of the salaryman can be applauded, is the tough lifestyle that comes with it good or bad for your career? This blog explores the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a salaryman and what you can learn from this career stereotype.

6 great tips on how to get a promotion fast

Ready to take the next step with your company? Being promoted is a fantastic opportunity to progress your career to the next level with a company that you have built a great deal of rapport with. However, promotions aren't simply handed out. They are earned. Find out how you can put yourself on the right path to earning a promotion in the near future.



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