Bad leadership: 10 mistakes every great leader avoids

It's not easy being a leader. However if you are aware of the various pitfalls that can lead to bad leadership, you can recognise these habits early on and adjust your leadership style accordingly. Here are 10 mistakes that every great leader should avoid.

‘Karoshi’ – are your staff working to death?

The issue of work-life balance is a constant challenge today, as mobile phones and an always-connected lifestyle can sometimes blurs the line between working hours and personal time. Although karoshi is an extreme example of work overload, what can companies and professionals learn from this epidemic to ensure they achieve a better work-life balance?


Sometimes, the best reward to your staff can be an investment in their skills to further their career. Improve the worth of your people and increase the value of your company.

Are your best talent all on board or thinking of jumping ship?

You may have the resources and clout to hire the cream of the crop, but that’s just part of what makes a strong company. Despite the fact that it’s the people that make the organisation, the need for staff retention is often overlooked in the corporate world. Here are our tips on how to revive this.