Dear Dad: A letter from your daughter on Father’s Day

“Dear Daddy,

Congratulations on becoming a manager! Also, Happy Father’s Day! I don’t know which one is more important to you, so I’ll just wish you both!

Mommy says that you work very hard, that’s why you got promoted. And because you’re a manager now, you’re even busier than before. I never knew that the reward for working hard was to get more work. Is that why Mommy is sending me for more enrichment classes?

Daddy, can you come home earlier more often to tuck me in? I miss the bedtime stories that you used to tell. You used to say I was a good girl because I would pretend to go to sleep. Actually, I really fell asleep. Your story about the 3 Little Pigs and their housing loan problems was not very exciting. But I still liked it because you were by my bedside.

Daddy, I think you use your phone too much. Mommy says you have so many e-mails that if you cancel your data plan, the phone company will close down.

I like telling people your job was taking people’s money. Now when people ask, I tell them you draw graphs of people’s money, which is not as interesting. Maybe this Father’s Day you can stay home and tell me about it.


P.S: Thanks for getting me the new Barbie doll. I wanted Beach Barbie, not Power Suit Barbie. But it’s okay! I still love it!”

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the fathers reading this ‘letter to dad’ a Happy Father’s Day! Remember, work may be important, but missing out on your beloved child’s growing years is not something you’ll want to pass on. It can be difficult, but the key to this is in maintaining a good work-life balance. So this Father’s Day, kick off those shoes, sit back, and spend some quality time with your family.

Happy Father’s Day!

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