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Being a manager often means juggling between recruiting new staff and leading your current team. While there are no shortcuts when it comes to being an employer, there are ways to stay ahead of hiring and market trends. Ensure that your recruitment and management strategy is compelling with insights from Robert Half.

5 behavioural traits to watch out for in the office

At various times in your professional life, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of a colleague’s bothersome behaviour. You may be oblivious however to these behavioural traits that you may be committing yourself in the office. Find out what they are. 

6 tips for successful internal recruitment

Do you have an internal recruitment strategy? Sometimes the best person for the job may not be too far away. Because who knows the job better than someone who’s within the company?

The importance of good leadership skills

You may think leadership is a soft skill that only senior management needs to cultivate. Think again. The most basic of leadership skills can shape your future career path and put you forward as a contender to lead a team.

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