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Being a manager often means juggling between recruiting new staff and leading your current team. While there are no shortcuts when it comes to being an employer in Japan, recruitment agencies such as Robert Half can you stay ahead of hiring and market trends. Ensure that your recruitment and management strategy is compelling with insights from Robert Half Japan.

8 ways to avoid a long recruitment process hurting you

Talented candidates are in high demand and short supply. They hold the advantage, and they don’t like to wait. Here are 8 ways ensure you don’t fall into the trap of a long recruitment process.

Why you need to rethink your top talent’s salary package today

Don't disregard the long term benefits of paying a competitive salary. Investing in your people could prove more worthwhile than you realise. Find out the reasons why paying a competitive salary is important to your business.

9 steps to creating a healthy workplace in Japan

Your organisation can make a difference by creating a happier and healthy workplace. In almost every company, there is scope to improve the well-being and happiness of their staff. With that in mind, here are nine ideas to instigate change, with a view to creating a healthier workplace for your employees.

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