Why are IT Consultants/Project Managers turning to contracting?

By Robert Half on 10 August 2022

We recently sat down with Marcus Aakerholm and Ahmad Royani, Directors of Business Transformation at Robert Half Japan to discuss why contract work among bilingual project managers and IT consultants is increasing in Japan.

Why are consultants turning to contracting and what are the benefits?

Marcus Aakerholm: Depending on the area of expertise, contractors can make much more salary compared to permanent employees along with various tax benefits for independent consultants who have their own company or freelancers as an example. This coupled with a more relaxed, flexible working style allows candidates to pick the project and people they like to work on even well after their retirement age, an enormous benefit for the disproportionate graying population of Japan.

What are the factors driving the demand for companies to look at contracting?

Ahmad Royani: The demand has been driven by the ever-increasing pace of innovation in technology coupled with the ballooning costs of hiring employees on a permanent basis - especially within the IT industry, as Marcus mentioned. Finally, as a by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic the increase in flexible working styles have been the main factors we see impacting the job market at present.

What roles are currently in high demand for the contract market?

Marcus Aakerholm: Bilingual project managers with a particular specialization are in high demand. Examples of roles we have received high interest from our clients have been Business Applications Project Managers (SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) and project managers for IT security, infrastructure and data management.

Why are clients utilizing flexible hiring solutions for business and digital transformation through Robert Half Japan?

Ahmad Royani: Clients in Japan traditionally seek technology outsourcing solutions or services from consulting firms or system integrators. However, due to the rapid increase in the demand of business digitalization, and the limited supply of qualified resources, the cost of service is becoming progressively more expensive.

With a deep network of people in the industry, Robert Half Japan can provide top-quality, high-value consultants at competitive levels. In addition, if clients wish to hire consultants from Robert Half directly (to retain the knowledge a consultant brings), they always have the option to do so. This is an aspect that neither consulting firms nor system integrators have.

Contract Talent Solutions

When critical projects arise such as rapid expansions, mergers and acquisitions, companies often experience sudden increases in workload and an urgent need for competent and experienced professionals.

Robert Half specialises in interim recruitment and project management consulting by providing businesses with skilled senior-level business systems professionals on a project or interim basis. Our project consultants immerse themselves in each assignment and are committed to seeing every project through to its successful completion.

If you are seeking contracting services in Japan, please contact:

Ahmad Royani, Director of Business Transformation – Management Resources
Fluent in both English and Japanese with 8+ years of sales, consulting, and recruiting experience in Japan.
M: +81 90 9497 9438
[email protected]

Marcus Aakerholm, Director of Business Transformation – Management Resources
Fluent in English and conversational Japanese with 10+ years of consulting and recruiting experience in Japan.
M: +81 80 6730 3490
[email protected]

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