Four ways to refresh your recruitment strategy for 2015

Regardless of whether your company is a large establishment or a young start-up, the company that thinks out of the box gets the best from the talent pool.

Recruitment strategies are no longer what they used to be – boring print ads or a lengthy description on a job portal. Companies are constantly reinventing their hiring game because it determines the quality of employees, which in turn, defines the organisation. Here are 4 ways to stay on top of the competition this year by refreshing your recruitment strategy.

Change your mindset:

Taking a risk on a new hire might be scary, but a non-traditional hire can inject new perspectives and creativity into the mix. Diversity in a team, when well-managed, can be dynamic. Certain technical skills and knowledge can be acquired on the job, but qualities like passion and creativity may be absent in someone who seems to be the perfect fit on paper. It may be worth shifting the focus in interviews from experience and qualifications to skill sets and specific personality traits.

Get creative:

Unconventional methods such as opening up puzzles or competitions to the public may give you access to a whole new group of potential hires. For instance, gamification is the use of video games to pose virtual challenges for candidates to solve, and is one recruitment method worth considering. A good example of how recruitment can be gamified is My Marriott Hotel, a virtual recruitment game launched by the Marriott Group. Players are tasked with the management of a virtual hotel restaurant, getting acquainted with the hospitality industry in the process. They are then redirected to the real career site, where they can apply for positions real-time within Marriott.

Boost your brand:

The mention of certain tech companies often brings images of happy employees working on bean bags and enjoying perks like free lunches to mind. But why?

Simple. It’s just good employer branding at work. A company with a well-loved brand and known for its great working culture and benefits will naturally attract applicants. Potential hires want to know that they will be taken care of, and that they will love what they do every day. Creating a positive employer brand has incredible long-term impact on your recruitment efforts.

Posting pictures and videos of your smiling team and their achievements on social networks like Facebook serve to tell the world what working in your company is like, and implies healthy working relationships in a realistic, wonderful office environment.

The clout of the crowd:

Chances are that you are unfamiliar of the term, Crowd-Recruiting. Made possible by the internet, crowd-recruiting, otherwise known as social recruiting, is a new and exciting means of attracting applicants. Its potentially-infinite reach casts a net wider than traditional channels like job portals, and turns every employee or contact you’re connected to on the network into a virtual recruiter. (Use LinkedIn instead as an example)

While word-of-mouth platforms like crowd-recruitment can be one of the most powerful recruitment tools at your disposal, it can be double-edged. Underpaying your staff may lead to unhappiness and job dissatisfaction, which potential hires might get wind of. Download the Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide to find out if your salary packages are on the mark.

There are many other ways to refresh your recruitment strategy, but what’s most important here is how you treat your existing staff. Rumour and gossip has an unpleasant way of spreading faster than positive facts, so make cultivating a positive work environment a core part of your recruitment strategy and you’ll find recruiting the right people, and having them love what they do, a much easier process.

Create a place for employees to love what they do.

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