5 health tips at work that you can easily put into practice

By Robert Half on 12 January 2015

Stay in the pink of health while climbing the corporate ladder by following these 5 easy health tips at work.

Health concerns and taking sick leave too often may make you look like a liability to your company. But cultivating and maintaining healthy habits in the office can help you get your career on the fast track and help you love what you do at work. Here are 5 great health tips to get you started.

Hack your snacks

Christmas has come and gone, but that snack Santa colleague is still floating around the office with an endless supply of goodies. If you’re not careful, you’ll be luxuriating in post-donut bliss a la Homer Simpson even before you know it. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to abstain. Just have half a piece, say thank you, and walk away.

Creating your own superfood snack stash will also help eliminate those cravings. Try walnuts, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds and organic granola bars.

Chug your vitamins

Love drinking heavily-sugared frappuccinos or bubble tea after lunch? Stop. Recondition yourself by replacing these liquid evils with a tumbler of fruit-infused water. Create variety by throwing in slices of citrus fruits or carrot sticks. After a week of chugging your own vitamin water, your wallet will be the only thing feeling fat.

Track your routine

Maximise all that time spent on your phone by having it contribute to your health.Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal is an awesome free app that can help you track your daily routine. Invite a few colleagues to use the same app and make it a competition for clocking activity (Loser buys lunch!). For each time you check your social media feeds, check your app too to review your activity.

Mental health matters

What did Pharrell Williams teach us in 2014?

Well, if that catchy song is anything to go by, it’s simply to be happy. Stress at work is a silent killer, but seeking stress relief in small ways such as taking a few minutes for some alone time can work wonders. There are no absolute rules on how to enhance your mental health. If we can devote time and money improving our appearance, surely we can’t neglect what is widely known to be the sexiest organ in the body.

Move it

Good job in choosing the Pilates studio instead of the pizza place during lunch. Now, learn how to stretch the benefits from that hour to last throughout the day with simple desk-side moves. Give your back some relief by standing and stretching regularly. When you absolutely have to be seated for long periods, adopt the best posture possible to allow better blood circulation.

Following these health tips at work may seem obvious to you, but you’ll be surprised how much it’ll affect your positively wellbeing if you follow them religiously. What are some other ways you are boosting your well-being and staying mentally and physically healthy?

Make your days count when you love what you do.

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