5 tips on how to achieve work-life balance

By Robert Half on 30 December 2019

Do you find yourself constantly working with no time to spare for yourself or your loved ones?

The issue of work-life balance is becoming a much more prevalent topic in Japan.

Achieving work-life balance is a constant pursuit for many of us. If you feel like you are struggling to find the perfect balance between work and play, consider these five tips to improving your work-life balance.

1. Switch off the screens

The digital age has seen us say goodbye to ‘leaving work at the office’. In a 24/7, always-on era, it can be tempting to constantly check in with what’s happening with work, even when you’re technically off the clock.

Even when you are passionate about what you do it’s important to make time for yourself and the people and things you love. Put away the laptop and tablet and switch the smartphone off for a little while.

Have an uninterrupted dinner with your family, catch a film without your phone buzzing with notifications and enjoy a weekend free of work stresses.

2. Give yourself a reason to get out of the office on time

You know that ceramics night class you’ve wanted to take? Or the soccer team your friend keeps asking you to join? Do it. Chances are if you have a commitment that you enjoy, you’ll get what you need done for the day and leave work on time.

Part of achieving a work-life balance is through social outlets outside of the office.

3. Communicate your needs

Sure, work can get busy sometimes and you may find yourself working overtime – but there is no work-life balance when this situation becomes the norm.

If working long days and weekends has become routine for you, assess your work situation and schedule a chat with your manager.

Talk about what can be done to help ease or change the situation so you can bring your work-life balance to a better place.

4. Take a holiday – in the truest sense of the word

Most of us look forward to holidays. They offer respite and time away from everyday life, including work.

Create a proper handover with details of who to contact in your absence and any relevant notes. It’s a key step to enjoying a guilt-free break. Then switch on your out-of-office alert and step away from the computer.

Don’t feel obligated to check your emails or field calls from colleagues while on holiday. Ask that you only be contacted if the situation is urgent.

5. Take care of yourself

Ensuring you have time to exercise and eat well are important components of work-life balance. Try walking to work or using your lunch break to cross off those items on your to-do lists.

Not only will your physical and mental well-being benefit, you’ll have higher energy levels and less stress and this is critical to loving your job.

Sick? You may think you’re doing work a favour by powering on and coming in, but the truth is you may prolong your healing period and make others in the office sick too.

Work-life balance may be a hard pursuit, but it’s a very worthwhile one

Make sure you invest some time and energy towards getting the balance right. It will form the foundation of ensuring you remain positive and enthusiastic about your role.

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