5 signs of overworking and how to get your life back

By Robert Half on 25 March 2019

If you’re like most of us, you love your job. That’s a good thing.

But some people stray too far and make work a priority over everything else.

All jokes aside, being a workaholic can have serious consequences on your social life and work performance.

By taking action now, the effects of workaholism can be avoided before you even start notice any signs of workaholism.

Remember these five tips to stay in love with your job yet avoid working too hard:

1. Manage your time

If you’re aspiring to become a manager, working day and night is not going to be the best step forward.

Good time management is one of the best skills that managers should have down pat. How are you going to manage others, if you can’t even manage your own time?

Start by focusing on more important tasks, and use a calendar to help you keep track of what you have to do.

2. Stick to your work schedule

Occasionally, you may have to work late or even on the weekend. But don’t make this a habit or you’ll burn yourself out.

Set clear boundaries by establishing a time you’ll leave each day, no matter what. And refrain from checking your work email when you’re at home.

3. Leverage on your team

Do you have the power to delegate some work? Understanding your team’s strengths and taking advantage of their talents is not only a benefit for you, it allows you to identify future leaders.

Trusting colleagues to take on new tasks can be a powerful motivator and give you the opportunity to focus on your responsibilities.

4. Hire help

Are you working late too often? Perhaps it’s time to look at easing the load.

One way of doing this if your resources are stretched is to hire an interim professional to help out. Finding a contract professional with experience in your field can help to alleviate some of the current stress

5. Be honest with your superiors

When receiving requests from higher ups, be honest about what you can handle. If you take on too much, your productivity and health may suffer.

If these tips don’t help and you’re tired of being a workaholic, perhaps it’s time to reassess your role.

But before you consider bowing out of a job you love, you should always examine your external work environment and reflect internally whether this is a situation that you have the power to change.

Yes, having the best of both worlds is possible. And with a little management you can get rid of signs of workaholism and achieve more balance between your life and a job you love.

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