Beat the blues: Schedule for a productive Monday

By Robert Half on 7 June 2015

The new work week is here, and you’re wondering how to make it count. Look no further than this suggested schedule for a more productive Monday!

Begin the day at dawn with some light exercise. A short cycling trip or an easy jog works wonders by lifting your mood and giving you a quick mental boost for the day ahead.

After getting ready, fix yourself a quick, healthy breakfast that requires minimal washing up. Spoon some yogurt over granola and fresh fruit, for an energy booster packed with essential nutrients.

Don’t cut it close. Allow yourself ample time for the morning commute, so you don’t end up rushing. Go over your to-do list for the day on the way to the office.

Start the productive Monday at work with a quick meeting with your team to list your tasks and goals for the week. Regular pow-wows like these help ensure everyone’s on the same page.

You’re at your desk. Put your phone face down on the desk, log off Facebook, and focus on the tasks at hand.

Resist the temptation to order takeaway food to eat at your computer screen. Take time away from the office by heading out for lunch with your colleagues for some fresh air and team bonding. Stay away from rich, fatty foods that would bring on a food coma. Instead, chow down on low-GI foods (Glycemic Index) that will keep you up and running through the work day.

The post-lunch period is the hardest part of the day to deal with. Stretch regularly, and maintain good posture at your desk to avoid lethargy. Keep yourself hydrated with fruit-infused water instead of loading up on caffeinated beverages.

Feeling peckish? Rather than binging on sugar-filled candy and doughnuts, replace them with granola bars, nuts and fruit for a small energy kick. Overall productivity isn’t just about your career; staying healthy counts too.

Wrap up whatever you’re working on. It can be tempting to indulge in some idle chatter with your colleagues as the workday comes to a close, but that would just set you back in your work and you might end up staying longer to compensate

The work day is done! What’s that, you say? Overtime? A productive Monday is about maintaining a good work-life balance, so go home and leave the work behind in the office.

It’s the only time of the day when everyone gets to sit down and talk as a family, so put aside all screens and focus on spending quality time with each other.

Now’s the time to relax. Resist the urge to check your smartphone for texts and e-mails, and try to maximise your wind-down time by doing something you love.

Prepare for bed by winding down so you won’t suffer from insomnia later. Take a hot shower, scent the room with some aromatherapy essential oils (lavender and chamomile are great) and do some stretching to ease your tired muscles after a long day. Put all screens aside an hour before bedtime – you’ll be grateful in the morning.

And so ends our productive Monday! Hopefully you’ll be able to apply this schedule to your life, no matter what your career or schedule, to prevent burnout and work towards to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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