How to have a stress free vacation

By Robert Half on 18 March 2015

Stress management at work involves being able to actually get out work itself. Traveling is a great way to get you mentally and physically out of the work zone.

All of us experience work-related stress every now and then, but it becomes a problem when it starts to affect our physical and mental health. Stress-related illnesses are a lot more prevalent now, largely due to increasing workload.

A great way to salvage the situation and restore our health is to go on a (stress free) vacation. But as tempting as the idea of chilling by the beach sounds, can we even successfully unplug while on holiday without causing disruptions to the workflow back home?

Lucky for you, it is a reality. Follow these tips on how to give yourself a well-deserved respite from work.

Timing Is Everything
If you keep telling yourself you will take a break only after a big project is completed, you might never begin to plan for your trip because, let’s face it, work is never going to cease. A better tactic would be to plan your calendar for the year ahead and decide when’s the best time to go on leave if you answered “no” to these questions:

•             Will my boss be away at the same time?
•             Will a few of my teammates be away as well?
•             Will my holiday take place during the middle of a project?

Prepare For Your Absence
Once your leave has been approved, give your teammates a heads-up on your upcoming break – this way, they will be able to clear up on any doubts with you before you are on your merry way. At the same time, make sure you tie up loose ends as best as you can, then prepare a detailed handover list with clear instructions on what your colleagues would have to follow up on during your absence.

To Disconnect Or Not To Disconnect
In today’s world of heightened connectivity, more working professionals are expected to respond to urgent emails and/or vigilantly monitor their company’s social media pages anytime, anywhere. Understandably, suggesting that you completely unplug while you’re on vacation isn’t going to be feasible. But, this isn’t to say you have to religiously check your email every 30 minutes! Remember: You are on a break. If you are anxious about missing urgent emails from your boss or a client, check your mailbox just once a day to give yourself peace of mind.

Traveling is just one of the many ways to manage stress. There are many other things you can do to make a difference to your health at work. The first step is acknowledging that you need that well-deserved stress free vacation to recharge yourself for the journey ahead.

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