IT careers and the growth of big data

By Robert Half on 8 March 2016

Big data offers big potential. It’s an area of IT offering enormous possibilities for business organisations, and as companies race to make the most of everything big data has to offer, career opportunities are unfolding for IT professionals.

Not so long ago the term ‘big data’ was rarely understood outside IT circles. But as data collection technology comes of age, the costs of harvesting and analysing big data have fallen. In addition, the use of big data has become more widely accepted, and across Asia demand for experienced data professionals outstrips the supply of suitable candidates.

Managing big data is becoming a key business function and it is likely that Asia’s IT professionals will see an expansion of opportunities in this field. Already it is a driving force behind IT hiring in the region, and this means the potential for increased salaries for IT professionals with specialised technical skills and expertise in mining big data. 

Let’s take a look at some of the major IT roles being driven by the growth of big data:

Data warehouse manager

This role involves working with database developers to create and maintain data warehouses as well as determine methods for collecting data from outside sources.

Data architect

Data architects work in tandem with systems and database administrators to develop and implement the company’s individual data architecture.

Business intelligence analyst

This is where the key use of big data lies – analysing the data collected to produce reports that will support business decisions.

Data security analyst

Managing data security and cyber security go hand in hand. The role of the data security analyst incorporates data security auditing, risk assessments and developing company security policy.

Capitalising on the growth of big data

If you are hoping to base your career around the explosion of big data in recent years, it is also vitally important to think about the best type of organisation for your level of experience. As a guide, joining a firm that is only just beginning to see the possibilities offered by big data can be an opportunity to make a large contribution in the development and implementation of a new data-mining infrastructure. If you’d prefer to work with established systems, look for a company with a strong foothold in data mining.

When it comes to drafting your resume, be sure to highlight how your experience to date will help an organisation achieve its goals with big data. And bear in mind that soft skills like the ability to work as part of a team and communicate effectively are increasingly seen as must-haves by IT leaders.

The growth of big data is offering an abundance of new avenues for IT professionals. Be sure to know which area of this field is most appropriate to your skill set, and seek expert advice about what it takes to navigate your career in this direction.

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