What skills do people with good management skills possess

By Robert Half on 8 August 2022

Whether you are currently in a managerial position or aim to become a manager in the future, improving your management skills is essential to the success of your career.

It is easy to think some people are suited to be managers and some are not, but if you keep the points related to management ability in mind, anyone can improve their management skills.

This article will explain the management skills that you can consciously train.

Skills possessed by people with high management skills

From here, we will introduce the skills and abilities of people with high management skills.

1. Ability to analyze the current situation

The idea of "Disney Strategy" that Walt Disney was aware of is useful for understanding the ability to analyze the current situation that people with high management skills are supposed to have and the ability to discover problems.

The point of "Disney Strategy" is to have the following three perspectives.

  • Dreamer: Looking to the future and talking about dreams from a broad perspective
  • Realist: Think concretely what you need to do to make your dreams come true
  • Critique: Discover problems and risks and improve the accuracy of realizing your dreams

First, formulate a long-term strategy to talk about our dreams, and then plan concrete methods for realizing your dreams. Discovering problems and risks and looking at the downsides will help you solve problems and bring your dreams closer to reality.

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2. Schedule management skills

In order to improve management ability, it is necessary to manage progress firmly. Instead of simply setting goals, you need to keep track of your goals and manage your schedule.

In some cases, you may have to adjust your schedule as a whole, such as by comparing your goals with the current situation and adjusting your schedule.

For example, when you are assigned to be a manager of a project, a budget and period are often set as conditions for the project, and if you do not control the schedule of work well, the project is likely to end in failure.

It is necessary to constantly compare the goals with the current situation so that we can respond flexibly to any situation, and to anticipate various situations and formulate countermeasures and re-schedule.

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3. Leadership and decision-making

People with high management skills have high leadership and decision-making ability and can listen carefully to the opinions of their subordinates and those around them to judge what is right.

The key is not to summarize the situation with one's own opinion, but to grasp the current situation and the other party's position, and to give precise instructions accordingly.

An arrogant instructional system leads to a cramped work environment in which subordinates cannot assert their own opinions, and this does not lead to company growth.

It is important to take leadership and give accurate instructions while flexibly incorporating various opinions from various angles and inputting knowledge without pretending to know.

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4. Coaching skills and communication skills

Coaching skills and communication skills are also important as one of the management skills. Observe the way your subordinates speak, the volume of their voice, the speed, and their emotional states, keep communication personalized to the individual.

It’s also important to create an atmosphere that makes it easy for others to talk to you. By doing basic things including giving a good morning greeting and always behaving cheerfully, your subordinates will find it easier to talk to you.

Some of the subordinates who do not do a good job of "reporting, contacting, and consulting" may feel that it is difficult to talk to their supervisors because they always look so glum.

If you have less interaction with your subordinates due to remote work, be aware that you should touch base with your subordinates on a regular basis.

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5. Project management skills

Project management skills are the skills needed to manage a project smoothly. The manager responsible for the project needs to work with each department to direct and coordinate the success of the project.

A method called position change is effective for improving project management skills.

A position change is to see things from a different standpoint.

Also, when you look at things not only from the position of a manager but also from the position of a subordinate, you may see inconsistencies in setting goals, such as requesting something that you cannot do.

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When leading an organization or project, management and operational skills are required.

Some of these abilities can be acquired naturally with experience, while others must be deliberately acquired.

You can improve your management ability by working on improving your skills in fields that you think you are currently lacking and gaining daily experience. Thoroughly acquired management skills will be an effective weapon not only for your current job but also for changing jobs.

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