Management Strategies

6 ways to prevent a toxic workplace culture

As a manager or team leader, it's natural to want the best out of your team. But are you unknowingly creating a toxic workplace culture in your quest for results?

The importance of good leadership skills

You may think leadership is a soft skill that only senior management needs to cultivate. Think again. The most basic of leadership skills can shape your future career path and put you forward as a contender to lead a team.

Have you showed appreciation to your employees lately?

Showing talented employees how much their contributions are appreciated should always be at the top of managers' to-do lists. Find out how you can better demonstrate employee appreciation.

‘Karoshi’ – are your staff working to death?

The issue of work-life balance is a constant challenge today, as mobile phones and an always-connected lifestyle can sometimes blurs the line between working hours and personal time. Although karoshi is an extreme example of work overload, what can companies and professionals learn from this epidemic to ensure they achieve a better work-life balance?


“If you want things done right, you have to do it yourself” - this adage however only works if you have more than 24 hours a day. Micromanaging is typically not a good thing, so here are some tips on how to learn how to delegate effectively to bring out the best in your team.