What to expect when traveling with an accountant?


They are the bean counters. The ones who know their cents and sense. Yes, life could be very interesting when you’re traveling with an accountant.

Financial savvy, time critical and no-nonsense – don’t ever try to pull a fast one on them.

Yes, they are your beloved accountants and when you travel with a friend or partner who is an accountant, you might just encounter these quirks:

They budget everything

From travel expenses to food and souvenir allowances, it is easy to guess why an accountant would budget everything when travelling!

In all fairness, planning a travel budget does help to prevent overspending. No one wants to run short on cash before the final taxi or bus ride to the airport to catch the return flight – so be thankful for your companion’s strange obsession for a nightly cash count and humour them by participating in it! Better still, cheekily question their budget to elicit some sighs of exasperation as they get you to see “sense”.

They plan everything down to a ‘T’

This goes hand in hand with budgeting on some level. Any good accountant, who is worth his or her salt, is going to have every step of the trip planned out as much as possible to avoid uncertainty and the possibility of being victims of “fare cheats” by rogue taxi drivers or scam restaurateurs.

With a solid plan lined out, you can be pretty sure your schedule fits nicely like a gift nested in a dainty box but it really doesn’t hurt to have an occasional surprise. Just make sure it’s one your accountant friend can stomach, financially.

They will nickel and dime

You know how they are the closet bargain king and queens. Accountants by nature want everything to balance out as perfectly as possible and also for products and services to be procured as cheaply as can be. If this means that they skip the nearest restaurant for the one further down for cheaper food, be prepared to go the distance. And always be prepared for verbal tussles at the market. Again, be thankful! This way you will have some spare change to spare for tipping.

They are walking calculators and exchange rate convertors

This particular party trick really comes into play when you are in a foreign country. If your iPhone runs flat and you need to know how much exactly that item costs in your currency, fret not because the accountant is always there to give you the answer. The same goes for anyone trying to do any type of math in the presence of the said accountant – just count on them. No pun intended.

Travelling for business or pleasure can be both fun and stressful. Depending on your personal attitude toward travelling, having an accountant for a travelling companion could either make or break the trip. While some do not appreciate the meticulous planning that is the hallmark of an accountant, having an accountant as your travel partner will almost give you a safety net when you least think that you need one!

Do not let your own personal perspectives about accountants cloud your outlook to travelling with them. Their wealth of knowledge and modus operandi can be vastly beneficial and helpful. But it all fails, just keep calm and travel on.

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