What your choice of morning beverage says about your work personality

What Your Choice Of Morning Beverage Says About Your Work Personality

Are you what you drink? Take a fun look at what your morning drink says about your work personality.

It is often said, you are what you eat. But are you what you drink? Picking your poison at the bar can be a tricky business, and already, much has been written about the traits associated with wine connoisseurs, beer drinkers or cocktail lovers. But what about the humble morning beverage?

We are all creatures of habit, so the first drink we consume daily can provide clues to our work personality. Here are some common morning beverages that can give you some clues into the personality of the person sitting next to you.

The quintessential drink for the health-conscious. Besides watching out for their health, people who start off their day with a glass of fresh fruit juice are known to be neat and organised workers who hold certain principles dear to their hearts. These workers espouse a way of life that makes them affable colleagues who can be trusted.

People who start their day with a cup of fresh milk are driven workers with a singular focus at work, although they may get a little stubborn at times.

Hot Chocolate
What better way to start the day than with a cup of chocolate shavings and heated milk? This comfort drink makes people feel warm and fuzzy, which is a reflection of your work personality – warm, affable, and people-oriented.

Malt Drinks
You’d think that malt drinks would fall under the same category as hot chocolate, but you couldn’t be further from the truth! Drinkers of malt beverages are combative, and they see their workplace as a battlefield for them to conquer. Sporty and energetic, malt-beverage drinkers are a curious hybrid between hot chocolate drinkers and milk drinkers – focused while remaining affable.

Zen. This is the first word people associate with tea-drinkers. Besides the obvious health benefits, tea has a soothing effect, which helps to calm people down. People who drink tea tend to be cool-headed and logical workers.

Instant Coffee
What is a list about morning beverages without one of the world’s most popular and polarising beverages – coffee? You are either a coffee drinker, or you are not. Even so, this drink is divisive. Coffee aficionados (read: snobs) might cry foul at rubbing shoulders with instant coffee drinkers, so for simplicity’s sake, we have divided this drink into two categories – instant-coffee drinkers and purveyors of the brewed coffee. Instant coffee drinkers are straightforward and a little rough around the edges… and they are unapologetic about it. Got a tough call at work to make? Instant coffee drinkers are the best people to call.

Brewed coffee
Brewed coffee drinkers tend to be more creative with a little more tact than their instant-coffee cousins, and an ego to match. Class is their byword, and they are the epitome of a sophisticated worker with an agenda to pursue.

Ultimately, every workplace needs a right balance with a healthy diversity of different personalities. Every team needs to leverage on the strengths and weaknesses of different personalities to create the right synergy.

So, is your pantry well-stocked today?

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