How to prepare your resume envelope

If you are asked to post rather than email your job application, the envelope you use will be the first thing the hiring manager sees. This makes it important to take a few extra steps to be sure you create a strong first impression.

Hiring managers may receive dozens of applications from candidates all competing for the same role. And in a time-poor workplace, a professional-looking envelope can influence the way a hiring manager regards your resume.

Here are some tips on the correct envelope etiquette to help your job application make it through the initial screening stage.

Use an A4 envelope

A good rule of thumb is to use a white A4 envelope for mailing your resume. This way, your documents won’t have to be folded, and they can arrive on the hiring manager’s desk looking crisp and neat.

What to write on the front of the envelope

The front of your job application envelope should include the contact name and job title of the hiring manager. The job posting may not include this information. If this is the case, you have the option of contacting the company to request the name of the appropriate contact person. Or simply address the envelope to “The Hiring Manager”.

It’s common to include the word “Attention” in front of the contact person to be sure the envelope reaches the right person in the company.

Next, comes the mailing address where your job application is to be sent to. Refer back to the job post to double check that you have these details correct.

To give your envelope a professional touch, it’s worth using the following format:

  • The address of the hiring company should be located about 5 cm from the top right corner of the envelope, written vertically.
  • Clearly show the post code about 2 cm from the middle top of the envelope, written horizontally.
  • Write the full name of the hiring company about 5 cm under the postcode.
  • Immediately to the left, write the department name.
  • If you know the name of the person in charge, write it immediately under the department name.
  • At the left, write “応募書類在中” (Application Materials Enclosed) in red pen, and encircle it in red.

What to write on the back of the envelope

The reverse side of the envelope should include your own contact details and address. This allows the envelope to be returned to you if it’s lost in the mail or is forwarded to the wrong address.

The steps below describe the appropriate layout for the back of the envelope:

  • Write your own postcode horizontally a little above halfway up the left side, 3 cm from the edge.
  • Write your address vertically 1 cm below the post code.
  • Write your name vertically directly beside and about 3 cm below where you started to write your address.
  • Don’t forget to affix your seal after putting your application materials in the envelope.

Use a printer to address your envelope

All employers will want to know that you have computer skills. Rather than handwrite your envelope, adjust your printer settings if necessary and use a computer to prepare your envelope.

The added benefit of this approach is that your envelope will look neat and professional, setting a positive tone for your job application.

Once your job application envelope is completed, check once again to be sure all the details are correct. With a little extra care, your envelope is bound to create a good early impression with the hiring manager.

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