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Find a job that excites and inspires you by developing a clever job search strategy – one that leaves hiring managers eager to add you to their team.

Discover what’s involved in landing great jobs in Japan and send your career soaring.

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How to avoid failure in career change

Exploring a new career can let you achieve your professional dreams, harness your natural talents or be a means of enjoying more flexible working conditions.

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How to find the right job

Start your job search by thinking about the aspects of a role that will appeal to you – be it flexible working hours, professional development, or more challenging projects.

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How to use personal branding to find a job

Our recommended personal branding tips can help you refine the image you wish to project and make it part of your job search strategy.

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How to find work overseas

There is plenty to organise – from meeting visa requirements and work permits to making contact with overseas employers or recruitment agencies.

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How to recover from job rejection

It’s never an enjoyable experience but the key is to turn a negative into a positive – and understand how to deal with job rejection to stay at the top of your game.

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How to research a future employer

Researching your future employer is a critical part of finding a job that is right for your career. While a company’s brand is important, there are several other factors that should be a part of your decision.

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How to work with a recruitment agency

Engaging the services of a recruitment agency can reduce the time and expenses involved with finding new talent.

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What are the common barriers to finding a job

Do you feel like you are struggling to find the job you want? Find out what are the common barriers for professionals to find their dream job.

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What type of company should you choose

Is it better to work for an SME or an MNC? Answer these 3 questions to know which one suits you.

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