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Your resume is the most important tool that you have to impress your potential employer.

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How to layout your resume

Knowing how to properly layout your resume is a key skill when it comes to applying for a job.

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How to write an Accountant resume

If you’re an Accountant, your resume needs to really sell your professionalism, precision, technical skills and strong industry relationships.

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How to write an IT resume

Writing an IT resume that impresses employers is within reach for all candidates, no matter where they are in their career journey.

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How to write an Executive resume

Making your executive resume exceptional is about ensuring it is tailored specifically to the organisation and role you’re applying for, and that the best parts of your experience are detailed clearly.

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How to write a career history on your resume

Having a well-presented resume is critical to securing your perfect job. It’s not enough to have great content; your resume layout needs to be easy-to-read, professional and appealing.

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How to choose a resume template and font

Many people are uncertain about the best format and font for a resume in Japan. We reveal the most suitable formats to help catch the hiring manager’s eye.

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How to include your academic background in a resume

Whether you’re applying in the Japanese style, or a Western one, consider carefully how best to emphasise your achievements at school, college, or university in your resume.

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How to write a winning resume

When you’re applying for a new job in Japan, it’s easy to be unsure about how to write a winning resume and knowing what aspects will stand out to potential employers.

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How to write a resume in English

With bilingual skills growing in-demand as a skillset amongst candidates, knowing how to prepare a resume in English will be a vital skill to have.

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How to write a detailed career history

The way you present your career history will greatly affect a hiring manager’s perception of you, so it’s important to highlight the aspects of your experience that are most relevant to the role.

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Should a resume be handwritten?

Some people prefer to prepare a handwritten resume. But will a hiring manager look favorably on a handwritten career history?

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How to write a “job hopping” resume

Although more acceptable today than in recent decades, job hopping can still be a point of concern of hiring managers skimming your resume. With the right framing, a profile with many different professional experiences can be a strong application.

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