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Your resume is the most important tool that you have to impress your potential employer.

Get your resume right, and you’ll be on your way to securing the job of your dreams. Get it wrong, and no matter how perfect you are for the role, you won’t even get your foot through the front door.

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How to write a resume

There are many elements that you need to consider when crafting the perfect resume. Whether you are setting out in your job search to write your very first resume or you’ve decided to re-write an existing CV, you may have many questions.

We’ve created the definitive guide to crafting the perfect resume.

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Career gaps

How to handle employment and career gaps in your resume

Life can take you in unexpected directions, and you may have employment gaps. The important thing is how to explain these to an employer in reasonable way.

The following are tips on how to handle employment gaps in your resume.

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