How to write an IT resume

How will your IT resume set you apart from other candidates? Do you have an impressive list of technical skills? Perhaps you’ve worked with high-profile clients and companies? Or is it your ability to communicate well with stakeholders, explaining complex ideas and systems to them?

Important tips to remember:

  • Be succinct. Aim for a document that is between two and three pages.
  • Include professional titles in your resume.
  • Customise your resume for each IT role you apply for.
  • Ensure your technical skills or proficiency with relevant software and systems experience i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript are cited clearly in your IT resume.
  • Show that you’re constantly learning, improving and updating your skills.
  • Detail any side projects or start-up work you’re doing.
  • Include links to your personal website, or those you’ve worked to build and maintain.
  • Show your passion for the work you do and for the industry.
  • Always run a thorough spelling and grammar check before submitting your resume.
  • Don’t use outdated or unprofessional contact details.
  • Don’t use company-specific language or terminology. Avoid buzzwords. Stick to what is known and understood at an industry level.
  • Don’t forget to also highlight communication and people-based skills. Consider the other qualities that are useful in IT roles, and desirable from an employer’s perspective.
  • Don’t exaggerate about your level of experience or competency. Refined technical skills are a critical part of IT roles, so it’s important you’re honest about what you can do, and what you can’t in your IT resume.

IT resume sample

Writing an IT resume that impresses employers is within reach for all candidates, no matter where they are in their career journey. Follow the above tips as a guide and you’ll be on track to success.

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