Recruiting & Management Advice

At Robert Half we also play a consultative role. Even if you’re not hiring, we are happy to assist with recruiting tips and management advice on a number of staffing issues you may face on a day-to-day basis in your department. From attraction and retention to keeping your staff motivated and negotiating salaries, we're here to help.

Employer Advice on Writing an Effective Job Description

Writing an effective job description

Learning how to write an effective job description is an absolute must for any hiring manager - use our job description template advice to maximise your application rate.

Employer Advice on Retaining Employee

Employee retention

Hiring new staff is just the start - now how do you keep them engaged? Get practical advice on boosting staff morale and motivation, find out why employees stay with an organisation and top tips on how to retain your key employees.

Workplace Productivity

Workplace Productivity

The ability to motivate your employees to work efficiently is critical to organisational success. Strong organisation, solid procedures and a focus on motivating your staff are key to keeping productivity high. Read more to find out how you can keep your staff focused, passionate and productive.

Interim consultant

How interim consultants will change today’s workplace needs

Business leaders across Asia are discovering that project-based or interim consultants can offer a wealth of talent and experience for a fraction of the cost of a permanent hire. Find out how project or interim consultants will change today’s workplace needs here.

Exit interview

Four tips for getting the most out of an exit interview

Employers fully understand the damage caused by staff attrition, in terms of direct and indirect cost to their organisation. The loss of key workers can impact on overall productivity and morale levels, and the need to advertise a role, interview candidates and onboard the new recruit inevitably leads to further expenditure.

Salary Guide

Robert Half Salary Guides

Are you hiring new staff and need guidance on salary expectations? Use the Robert Half Salary Guide to find out average salaries for the roles you are hiring for and how to negotiate salaries with new starters.

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