White Paper | New challenges & priorities for CFOs

This white paper, Looking ahead: new challenges and priorities for CFOs, examines what it means to be a CFO in today’s challenging global economy and the strategies financial leaders are employing to stay ahead.

In collaboration with our partner, the Financial Executives International (FEI) Japan Chapter, Robert Half brought together five industry leaders that represent a new breed of finance leaders. The discussion revealed that the role of the finance leader in Japan is undergoing dramatic change, as is the case in other parts of the world.

No longer is the CFO’s role confined to the technical aspects of accounting and budgeting – the modern CFO works in partnership with their CEO to drive business growth and to bring to life a company’s long-term vision.

This white paper sheds light on how and why the game has changed, and what finance leaders can do to meet their growing responsibilities. Topics include:

  • The increasing responsibilities of CFOs
  • The importance of contributing new ideas to the business
  • Redefining the CFO / CEO partnership
  • Navigating a more stringent regulatory environment
  • The talent challenge in Japan

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White Paper: New challenges & priorities for CFOs 

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