¥6500000 - 8M / annum



Date posted:

October 1, 2018

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Project consulting




  • 契約業務に規定する期待事項に従い、取引分析、調査にかかる手続き業務を行う。
  • マネー・ロンダリング(AML)の兆候警告の見極め、案件の基本調査、顧客デューデリジェンス(CDD)、経済制裁対象者リストのスクリーニング。
  • 確かな意志決定スキルを用いて、調査結果に基づいた提案を行う。
  • 裏付けとなる調査記録を用いて、包括的な説明を文章にまとめる。
  • 契約業務に規定する方針や手順を守って業務を行う。
  • プログラムの基準に沿って高品質な成果物を生み出す。


  • 金融、ジャーナリズム、刑事司法、あるいは関連分野における学士号を有する。修士または法務博士があればなお可。
  • 金融機関、金融機関支援業務において、コンプライアンス関連業務の経験が3年ある。
  • 確かな分析的、批判的思考、および問題解決能力を有し、高リスクの属性(取引、地理的、製品、顧客タイプなど)を読み取ることができる。
  • 考えを明確かつ簡潔に伝える能力を有し、優れた文章構成力がある。
  • 自主的に業務に取り組むことができる。率先して動くとともに変化に対応できる。
  • 素早く学び、規制の順守、金融の概念や課題をすぐに理解して、確かな判断を下し、最高度の守秘義務を守ることができる。
  • プレッシャーが強くかかる環境で、マルチタスクで業務をこなし、期限を守ることができる。
  • 強い自発性と柔軟性を持って、結果を重視するチームの一員として業務にあたることができる。
  • Microsoft Excel、Word、Outlook を含むコンピュータソフトウェアを使いこなす能力が求められる。
  • 成果を重視する環境で活躍できる。

Our client recruits individuals who possess excellent writing, research, analytical, and critical thinking skills, and other applicable experience that leads to success in the role, such as strong work ethic and natural curiosity. Analysts must be able to judiciously analyze, assess, and write clearly and concisely. The nature of this work requires individuals to be flexible, learn new skills, work within time constraints, and meet uncompromising quality requirements and production expectations while working closely with others in a dynamic team environment.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Perform transaction analysis, research and procedural work for engagements with defined expectations.
  • Conduct reviews for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) alerts, basic case investigations, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and sanction screening.
  • Use sound decision-making skills to make recommendations based on research results.
  • Compose comprehensive narratives with supporting research notations.
  • Ensure work adheres to defined engagement policies and procedures
  • Produce quality work within program standards.
  • Manage work efficiently to meet production goals and project deliverables.
  • May perform more complex alert and case analysis with additional supervision.
  • Work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • As needed, serve in an administrative support capacity, such as file assignments, and request for information tracking and routing.

Qualifications, Skills and Abilities:

  • Undergraduate degree in Finance, Journalism, Criminal Justice or related field. Masters’ degree or JD a plus.
  • Three years of compliance experience at or in support of a financial institution.
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking and problem solving abilities and able to decipher high risk attributes (transactional, geographical, product, customer type, etc.)
  • Strong writing skills with the ability to convey ideas clearly and succinctly.
  • Ability to work independently; take initiative; and able to adapt to change.
  • Quick learner, able to readily understand regulatory compliance, financial concepts and issues, exercise sound judgment and observe the highest degree of confidentiality.
  • Adept at multi-tasking and meeting deadlines in high-pressure environment.
  • Results oriented team player with strong initiative and flexibility.
  • Demonstrated computer software competency, including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook, is required.
  • Ability to thrive in a production-based environment.
  • Travel to client sites may be required.


Ote Center Bldg, 22F
1-1-3 Otemachi
Japan, Tokyo
+813 5219 6633