How to improve workplace productivity

Workplace environment can have a large impact on productivity of the workplace and is closely linked to corporate culture. This is because it impacts an employee mood, drive, performance, motivation, and output.

Employers can do a number of things to foster positive and active productivity in the workplace by improving workplace environment.

Why workplace environment affects employee productivity

There are a number of reasons why workplace environment and employee productivity are linked:

  • Employees are engaged because they feel supported, connected, involved, and clearly understand their company, their role, their expected behaviour, and organisational culture. This drives a more positive workplace, boosts morale, and minimise stress, leading to a greater ability to focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Employees are more loyal and more likely to stay at your company with an enjoyable workplace environment, which helps you to retain top talent, lower staff turnover, and ensures higher job satisfaction. This leads to higher quality output and higher rates of productivity as employees are qualified and experienced at their jobs.
  • Employees are more likely to collaborate, work as a team, be inspired, and have open communication, which assists in getting work done more efficiently and effectively.
  • Employees will be more connected to the company and what they are aiming to achieve, which means they are motivated to reach goals, can be more proactive and positive with regards to work and new projects, and want to develop their careers within your company.

How can employers foster productivity through the workplace environment?

Building a strong, positive workplace environment and corporate culture doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. If you would like to start fostering productivity along with employee engagement, there are number of ways you and your workplace can start today:

Work with what you have

Even if your workplace environment needs improving, it doesn’t require you to start at the very beginning. Decide on the elements you would like to keep, ask employees what they like about their current environment, and then put focus on enhancing them and improving other weaker aspects.


Effective communication is critical for a healthy workplace environment. This encompasses two-way communication between employees and managers, creating safe spaces for employees to share their thoughts, recognising employee contributions, sharing clear goals and giving clear instructions, regular interaction with managers and leaders, and being aware of how communication and interactions are occurring and the effect it has on employees. Motivation, productivity, innovation and enthusiasm can all stem from feeling included and valued through clear communication and positive reinforcement.


Whilst it’s important to ensure clear, open channels for communication, it’s also important to listen to what your employees have to say. Not only can it make them feel heard, and valued, it can also lead to more efficient ways of doing things since your employees are the ones handling the work and customers. Involving your number one asset can lead to increased engagement too, since they will feel like they are having an impact on the organisation and their team.

Staff training and development

Investing in staff makes them feel valued, can improve productivity, create loyalty, and develop your organisation’s future leaders. Training, retraining, and promoting, can assist in higher levels of motivation.


Celebrating and recognising success and an employee’s contributions and a company’s milestones can go a long way. It reinforces achievements and positive behaviour whilst boosting morale and showing how work is contributing to output and bigger picture goals.

Create goals, vision, and meaning

Defining company mission, vision, values, and outlining expectations for employee behaviour can set the tone for how your workplace environment will be. It provides meaning and purpose behind the work that employees are striving to achieve and can increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Office layout

Review your current office layout, as work space can boost morale and focus. It may be as simple as changing desk configuration, improving natural light, or offering areas to relax or socialise and network with colleagues on their breaks.

Be positive, but realistic

Whilst you want to achieve everything, you can’t, and asking employees to meet unrealistic deadlines can decrease morale and cause disengagement. Encourage positivity and be clear and specific about your company’s priorities, and what metrics will be used to measure success.

Make the right staffing choices

Hiring the right people ensures a good work environment and productive workforce. This ranges from having adequate staff to cover the workload to avoid burnout and low morale, to letting under performing or negative staff who don’t align with the company’s goals or desired workplace environment.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve productivity and performance through your workplace environment, or discuss hiring the right people for the environment you wish to have, contact us today.