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The Robert Half 2015 Japan Salary Guide allows you to determine average salary levels for employees, plan payroll and recruitment budgets and stay up to date with the latest employment trends emerging in Japan today.

Download the salary guide for average salary ranges across a number of sectors, the anticipated year-on-year salary increases and commentary on the current hiring environment.

Industry Sectors

Finance & Accounting

Communication skills, on top of the core competencies for finance and accounting professionals are increasingly important as Japan opens its doors to the global market. Business and financial analysis, and accounting professionals are in demand this year, with robust hiring within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and IT sectors.

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Financial Services

Japan’s banking and financial services sector looks set for steady growth with all round hiring optimism. Along with experience, companies are looking for JGAAP in securities, finance modelling, regulatory reporting and business audit skills. Top talent is likely to receive multiple offers and prompt action will be the key to secure the best people.

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Information Technology

IT recruitment intentions are bolstered by new projects and business expansion. Specialists with proven experience in data analytics, mobility services, online/digital and technical front office securities are sought after. The top hiring industries include tech consultancies, vendors and integrators, e-commerce, insurance, banking and retail, and pharmaceutical.

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How to negotiate your next pay rise

Navigating through the minefield of salary negotiation can be tricky. The key is to be prepared and not let your emotions get the better of you.

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Research Highlights

Economic Climate

  • 78% of CFOs in Japan are confident about economic growth
  • 73% of Financial Services leaders expressed confidence in Japan's growth prospects
  • 72% of Japan's CIOs have confidence that the economy will continue to thrive this year

Skills Shortages

  • 82% of CFOs are challenged to find skilled accounting and finance talent
  • The majority of banks and financial services companies (96%) are facing a challenge finding skilled talent
  • Finding the right talent will be a challenge for 76% of CIOs in Japan

Staff Retention

  • Retaining top staff is on the minds of 78% of CFOs in Japan
  • 89% of Financial Services leaders are concerned with retaining quality talent
  • A desire to retain existing top staff have 77% of CIOs losing sleep

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