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At Robert Half, we work with leading companies in Japan. We are currently experiencing a significant demand for Accountants across all industries.

As an Accountant, you will be responsible for compiling and analyzing financial information to prepare financial statements including monthly and annual accounts. You will ensure financial records are maintained in compliance with accepted policies and procedures and you will establish and monitor the implementation and maintenance of accounting control procedures. You will be fluent in Japanese, have strong analytical and interpersonal skills, be highly proficient with Microsoft Excel and have demonstrated experience with various accounting packages such as SAP and Oracle. US CPA or JCPA preferred but not mandatory.


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Accountant/Senior Accountant
¥6800000 - 6800000 / annum

Cost Accountant / コスト・アカウンタント
¥7M - 10M / annum

Senior Accountant / シニア・アカウンタント
¥5M - 8M / annum

General Accountant / アカウンタント
¥7M - 9M / annum

Accounts Payable Staff
¥6240000 - 6240000 / annum

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