In-house Systems Engineer job description guide

Hiring an In-house Systems Engineer

An In-house Systems Engineer is responsible for a variety of tasks that together ensure the high performance of your company’s IT systems.

As part of your company’s broader IT team, the In-house Systems Engineer is tasked with satisfying the IT needs of a variety of different departments from finance and accounting through to the help desk. The main responsibilities of an In-house Systems Engineer include designing and analysing the company’s IT system, resolving any issues with the current system, and improving performance by correcting software errors or upgrading hardware.

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An In-house Systems Engineer career

A career as an In-house Systems Engineer demands a combination of technical skills and problem-solving abilities. It’s an exciting role that will see you collaborate with a variety of different teams to understand user needs, then design and develop an appropriate IT system that allows an organisation to function efficiently.

As a key part of a company’s IT team, your role as an In-house Systems Engineer will see you responsible for the high performance of a company’s IT system. You will be tasked with analysing and designing the company’s system, resolving any issues, and providing technical support to ensure an ongoing high level of performance.

In-house Systems Engineer duties and responsibilities

The role of an In-house Systems Engineer is broad, with a job description that covers a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Reviewing current IT systems and understanding user needs
  • Liaising with the IT team to design and implement system improvements
  • Overseeing implementation, testing, and repairs to the IT system
  • Performing systems management and integration functions
  • Providing technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems
  • Monitoring system operation to detect potential problems
  • Provide technical support for software maintenance or use

In-house Systems Engineer qualifications and requirements

It is highly desirable for an In-house Systems Engineer to hold a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering

An In-house Systems Engineer should also have the following personal skills and experience:

  • Five or more years of experience in systems engineering
  • Understanding of Javascript, Python, Scala or Java
  • Experience in data modeling, analysis, programming, and stored procedures
  • Expertise in data structures and algorithms
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent Japanese and English business language skills – both spoken and written
  • Strong interpersonal skills to liaise with a variety of different teams

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