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Whether you’re researching the latest accountant salary or financial planner salary, the Robert Half Salary Guide offers the latest hiring trends and salary percentiles for finance and accounting jobs in Japan.

Removing the language barrier

Companies and candidates alike need to re-think their approach to language skillsets. In a time of local talent shortages in the finance and accounting industry, hiring managers should look to the strengths that foreign labour can bring and reevaluate traditional approaches to language skillsets. Foreign finance professionals would benefit from proactively seeking training in Japanese language proficiency to make them more attractive to potential employers.

Counteroffers carry unforeseen challenges

Counteroffers have increased in the finance sector. Where in-demand professionals are more easily enticed to a competitor, companies are increasingly opting for counteroffers to retain skilled staff. While offering a salary rise, an overseas posting or a promotion can seem a favourable short-term option to retain a departing employee, often the long-term effects are dire and should be avoided.

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