What is the best programming language to learn in 2023?

Thinking of learning a new programming language?  As business functions and services increasingly make the transition to digital platforms, demand for programmers and skilled developers is rising rapidly across Asia. The right one will make a difference to your career in 2023.

Is becoming a “salaryman” a wise career choice?

Whilst the dedication of the salaryman can be applauded, is the tough lifestyle that comes with it good or bad for your career? This blog explores the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a salaryman and what you can learn from this career stereotype.

How to have a good relationship with your boss

Enjoying a good relationship with the boss is important as it can form a solid foundation for your career success. Find out how you can build positive rapport from your manager with these simple tips

5 fundamentals to keep your office network safe from cyber attacks

In today's digital age, the chaos following cyber-attacks can be as debilitating as a physical one. Doing your part to keep your office network safe from insidious cyber-attacks need not be tedious. Keep your office network safe with these five fundamental insights.

How good communication skills help convert techie speak

In most workplaces, it's expected that employees have good communication skills. However, unlike public relations or human resources, that expectation is not always the same for techies. This means tech-savvy workers have a unique opportunity to impress their co-workers and superiors by demonstrating strong communication skills and knowing how to explain new technical concepts.

4 steps to cloud security that every business should know

While cloud computing has been a gateway to new opportunities for many businesses, this digital streamline has also opened the door to many new security risks that companies may not have previously realised. Here are four steps to ensure you and your employees are on top of cloud security.

Hackathons: a brave new world for technology

Once an informal practice by developers brainstorming new apps, the hackathon is now a mainstay in the information technology (IT) industry. Today,hackathons allow software developers to collaborate with designers, project managers and subject matter experts in intensive, high-energy sessions. What is the impact of hackathons on the IT industry?

What not to include in your letter of resignation

Preparing a formal resignation letter is a process that requires great professional attention. Here are 5 things you should consider not including before you start writing.