2016 IT security trends report

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69% of Japanese CIOs say the number of detected security threats has increased compared with 12 months ago.

Download your complimentary 'Cyber-security – Defending your future' report today. This comprehensive IT security trends report will provide you with the latest information and insights on:

  • Current cyber-security trends and the challenges companies face
  • Why cyber-security should be a priority for SMEs
  • The key characteristics of an efficient IT security strategy
  • The core steps needed to develop and implement an effective cyber-security program

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Cyber-security trends

Strategies for defeating cyber-risk

  • Recent trends in IT security are seeing both businesses and cyber-criminals becoming more advanced.
  • One major internal threat is when organisations have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that allows their employees to use their own devices at work.
  • In response, businesses must design data security strategies which consider the probability of future threats, instead of focusing on current operations.
  • Because cybercrime trends are often similar across the same industry, sharing information can allow a more effective response.

Key elements of an effective IT security program checklist

  • Ensure effective governance is in place, which is aligned with the entire organisation and is reviewed and updated for best practices.
  • Take a risk-based approach to cover the enterprise’s operations and supply chain security, rather than simply relying on the vendor’s word.
  • Endorse the support of senior management to ensure the company’s security best practices are followed consistently.
  • Create employee awareness of potential security threats through regular training.


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