An Infra lead to join a prestigious dental equipment Company

給与 : ¥800万 - ¥1000万
勤務地 : 東京都
掲載日 :
雇用タイプ : 派遣社員
ジョブオーダー番号 : 9352102-RHTT
業種 : テクノロジー

職務内容 :

This role is responsible for all tasks referring to the local IT Infrastructure (front and back office) and locally used IS Applications. In this role he is responsible for the analysis, the design, the implementation, the operation, and the support of the local IT Infrastructure and IS Applications. He provides user support, hardware and software maintenance, training and consultation. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access of users to the IT Infrastructure and services.

Key Responsibilities

User Support & Service
• Manages day-to-day user interaction
• Sets and manages user expectations
• Provide orientation to new users for Front Office IT systems (hardware, operation system, and software) and for IS Applications
• Train users about potential uses of Front Office IT systems and IS applications
• Provide individual user training and support on request Helpdesk / Service Delivery
• Analysis and where possible resolve issues
• Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion
• Interacts with users and IT colleagues on all levels to help resolve IT&IS-related issues and provides answers in a timely manner
IT Infrastructure Front Office Systems
• Install, configure, and maintain all Front Office IT Systems
• Troubleshoot all technological issues of Front Office Systems
• Maintain Front Office Systems

IT Infrastructure Back Office Systems
• Operate and maintain back office systems (File Server, Print Server, Application Server, Backup, Communication infrastructure, etc.)
• Troubleshoot technical issues of Back Office Systems
• Monitor the availability of the Back Office Systems

IS Application – Installed locally
• Install, configure, and maintain all IS Applications
• Troubleshoot all issues
• Maintain IS Applications
• Coordinate issue resolution with application provider

IS Application – Corporate provided
• Troubleshoot all issues
• Coordinate issue resolution with application provider
• Initiates and implements improvements in all areas of IT/IS responsibility.
• Serves as main point of contact on all IT Infrastructure and IS Applications related matters for the location.
• Perform and own the site audit for Infrastructure and Application Standards and Policies.

• Holds regular status meetings with the local management, business application owner
• Holds regular status meetings with Corporate IT management.
• Holds regular status meetings with Application provider.
• Effectively communicates all relevant IT-related information.

IT Asset Management
• Maintain current and accurate inventory of hardware, software and maintenance contracts.
• Ensures that company IT assets are maintained responsibly.
• Builds and maintains vendor relationships.
• Ensure that all used software is fully licensed and maintenance contracts are in place.

• Make sure that all IT policies, standards and procedures are implemented and understood by management, users, and local IT team.
• Plan and communicate the IT Infrastructure and IS Application budget and expenditures for the location.
• Manage local IS/IT contracts.
• Organize and coordinate the approval of any IT related investment.
• Approve and organize any IT related purchase.

• Lead and manage local IS/IT projects.
• Represent local IT in business owned projects or in Global IT projects.
• Assign IS/IT resources to projects, define objectives and make sure that projects objectives are reached Decision Rights



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100-0004 東京
電話 : +813 5219 6633