Tax Accountant

給与 : ¥700万 - ¥1300万
勤務地 : 東京都
掲載日 :
雇用タイプ : 正社員
ジョブオーダー番号 : 0009337774-FS
業種 : 金融

職務内容 :

1.Preparation of tax returns

  • corporate tax return
  • enterprise and inhabitants tax returns
  • office premise tax return
  • depreciable assets return
  • consumption tax return

2.Monthly tax accrual under the Japanese tax law and Deferred tax assets calculation under J-G AAP

3.Preparation of US tax information for US federal tax purposes

4.Tax consultation for internal clients regarding:

  • Corporate tax
  • consumption tax
  • stamp tax
  • withholding tax
  • individual income tax
  • registration tax
  • US withholding tax such as W-8 filing requirement and filing requirement of tax treaty application form

5.Attendance of Tax Audit

  • corporate tax and consumption tax audit
  • individual income tax audit
  • Withholding tax audit

6.Tax planning for Japanese entities regarding:

  • Reorganization
  • Investment structure, such as TK, NK, partnership, US LLC,
  • Analysis of tax reform impact on Tokyo entities as well as new reporting requirement such as CRS
  • FTC under both US and Japanese tax laws
  • Tax treaty issues

7.Communication with NTA/TRTB/NTO/FSA/JSDA

  • Transfer pricing issue
  • Tax clearance of new products & new structure
  • Interpretation of tax law
  • Tax reform proposals regarding Financial Institutions, Financial Products, cross border withholding matters, etc.

8.Team work with Global and Regional tax team members

  • Transfer pricing and income attribution methodologies
  • US tax planning including US FTC issue
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Periodical communication and information sharing among global & Regional tax team


1.Registered tax accountant (Zeirishi) in Japan

  • As the candidate will be mainly responsible for tax compliance work listed below, we are looking for Zeirishi who has at least 5-7years experience in a tax department of accounting firm. Basic J-GAAP and comprehensive tax knowledge are strongly required as tax specialist.

2. 5-7 years’ experience is expected

3. Position: Associate or VP

4.Communication / escalation skills in both Japanese and English

  • Japanese communication skill is strongly required, because we prepare Japanese tax return and communicate with Japanese taxing authorities in Japanese. English communication skill is also required to communicate with global tax team members on various tax matters.

5. PC Skills

  • PC skills are strongly required.



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東京都千代田区大手町 1-1-3
100-0004 東京
電話 : +813 5219 6633