Project Analyst

勤務地 : 東京
掲載日 :
雇用タイプ : 正社員
ジョブオーダー番号 : 662806-RHT
業種 : テクノロジー

職務内容 :

It is a hands-on project role, from planning, organizing, coordinating, executing, to getting things done. The Project Analyst is also working on low level details, like, requirement gathering, business/issues investigation, and documentation. This role is A-to-Z project role.

It is an influential professional role which provides leadership to many stakeholders. There are no reporting project members in any projects which this role is handling; that makes this role very challenging. Depends on projects, this role will play project management role or project resource role too.

Projects: From pure business projects, to hybrid business/IT projects, to IT projects (Infrastructure). Projects could be Waterfall, or Agile/Scrum. Projects could be from 1 month to 1 year. This role will handle several projects at the same time.

Project members would be any combination of

  • Local managers/members
  • Overseas/Local vendor resources
  • Overseas/Local outsourcing resources
  • Head Office managers/members

As projects can be anything, a different execution approach/methodology would be used per situation.

Projects in the pipeline (not in any specific orders)

  • Windows 10 rollout
  • Microsoft Azure rollout and Cloud migration
  • Mainframe system move
  • Data Center migration
  • Audit related projects

As such, the Project Analyst should possess not only IT domain knowledge, project management/execution skills, but also all-round soft skills, business skills, and leadership skills.

This role will interact with many other managers/members. Candidates, who are out-going, attend to details, commit to schedule, and like challenges, should apply.

The key counterparts are CxOs, IT managers, line manager, internal control, internal audit and Group IT



大手センタービル 22F
東京都千代田区大手町 1-1-3
100-0004 東京
電話 : +813 5219 6633